About me

Deborah M. NetolickyI am an Australian educator and researcher, a boundary spanner bestride the worlds of educational practice and research. I am teacher and school leader. I am researcher, academic writer and university adjunct. I am committed to offering positive alternative education narratives to those that focus on neoliberal performativity. Education is a human endeavour, not a set of metrics or effect sizes.

My current school role is Dean of Research and Pedagogy, responsible for providing leadership for research, teaching and staff development. I have been Head of English in three Australian schools and have taught English, Literature, Art, History of Art and Critical Thinking in schools in Australia and the UK. Over recent years, I led a strategic school project that used classroom data, the Danielson Framework for Teaching and Cognitive Coaching to build teacher and leader capacities, and to reimagine performance review policies and practices. As a co-moderator of the #educoachOC Twitter chat I am able to continue to connect with others who are coaching and leading coaching around the world.

My research interests include identity, professional learning, coaching, teacher growth, organisational change, leadership, and the power of metaphor. I completed my PhD in April 2016. My thesis, Down the rabbit hole: Professional identities, professional learning, and change in one Australian school, can be downloaded here. It used narrative inquiry to explore the interactions between teachers’ and school leaders’ professional identities, what they consider to be transformational learning, and school culture and reform. My thesis used Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as a structural and symbolic frame. Other publications are listed here.

This blog explores my thinking around education, research, identity, narrative, coaching, and life. What I enjoy most about blogging is that it connects me with others while allowing me to write my way into understanding, and to be part of global conversations.

Unless otherwise cited, photos, scribbles, and musings are my own. You can find me tweeting as @debsnet.


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