Édu Flânerie

NYC08 (256)

Conceptualising the édu flâneuse

The flâneur was originally theorised in 19th century France as a masculine concept: the male Parisian dandy. Appropriating this figure of modernity now, from a female perspective, my flâneuse is the undetected scholar of the world around her, a connoisseur of experience. She wanders, observes and examines, tuning in to her surroundings with intense attentiveness.

Her flânerie involves inaudibly impassioned immersion in, and expansive opening to, her environment. She absorbs and is absorbed. She pursues the poetic in the everyday. Covertly, she seeks understanding, meaning, awakening, transcendence.

The édu flâneuse applies this nomadic noticing to the educational spheres she encounters. Places, people and philosophies cocoon her until she emerges quietly transformed.

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